Posted at May 26, 2016

Weekly SUPdate — May 26th, 2016

Paddle Board Event of the Week


The 15th annual Jay Race is an ocean paddle board race that will be held at Capitola Beach, CA on June 18th. This  event consists of a 12 mile course, 2 mile course, and free “mini Jay” races for the groms attending. In memory of the beloved Jay Moriarity, all proceeds from the event will be donated to the Jay Moriarity Foundation which “support[s] existing programs designed to help others and our environment, as well as forming new ways to educate and assist our youth along their path.” Learn more about the foundation and their efforts here and stay tuned for more information. See you at the race!



Paddle Board Spotlight


Naish Javelin 14′ x26 Full Carbon Race

Take a look at our featured board from the TradePaddleBoards website: “Engineered with a recessed stance area, the new shapes bring the center of effort lower, increasing rider stability without adding additional width to the body. The center double-concave bottom also maximizes directional stability, while increased tail volume and tucked edges optimize board positioning for controlled, yet aggressive buoy turns with faster recovery.

The advanced dihedral nose shape allows water to instantly release instead of wrap, forcing water to split off the sides of the board instead of toward the riders’ feet. This creates more lift when pearling, allowing the rider to continue their smooth pace without interruption.” (Board review via Naish)

Check out the ad on the site for more specs here.

Paddle Board Photo of the Week


Paddleboard racing season is underway, but no one told Lake Tahoe, California. Snow in late May at the starting line on Donner Lake.


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