The ‘’ for paddle boards

The easiest way to think about us is ‘the for paddle boards’ — post it, find it, buy it. Our online service is catered to buyers and sellers, reducing the burden for posting ads and searching for boards that fit your needs.

With deep roots in both paddle boarding and web technology, we’ve brought cutting edge features around location based searching for boards, a simple and easy process for posting ads, social sharing of paddle boards with others in your network, and more. We know that selling paddle boards can be tedious so have developed services to help with the process to enable more boards to be made available for buyers.

Deep dedication to the sport

Based in Santa Cruz, California our team has been been paddling since the 1980’s and has helped develop the competitive paddle board scene in Northern California. We’ve competed in famous events such as M20, completed multiple Monterey Bay crossings, and are part of the Ghostryders Watermans Club who host California’s premier downwind race, the Santa Cruz Downwind Ryders Cup, each May. We’re thrilled to blend our years of experience in the paddle boarding community into platform to provide the best experience for buying and selling your paddle boards.

We hope the entire community of prone and SUP paddlers in the USA will benefit from Thanks for joining us! the online marketplace for buying and selling paddle boards

Our crew on the annual GRWC New Years buoy paddle in Santa Cruz, CA.