Grow your paddle board event by helping the community buy and sell their used boards

The sport of paddle boarding has taken off. And with it, the number of events available for paddlers of all skill levels to enjoy. In some regions race organizers have the challenge of making their event stand out from other events in order to attract a solid level of participants. Others are just looking for a way to grow the sport in their area. That’s where TradePaddleboards can help.

We’ve tailored our online paddle board marketplace to consolidate used boards for sale by your participants into a single area of our website. This allows you to offer attendees of your event a direct way to buy or sell their used boards before, at, and after your event. That’s a huge value add to participating and good reason to return next year.

Photo credit: LQID Imagery

Photo credit: LQID Imagery

By creating an event ‘tag’ that your participants use when posting boards to, your event’s boards can be easily found in our online marketplace (we’ll provide a unique URL for your event too). Attendees can see what boards are for sale by others and arrange to meet, paddle, and possibly purchase at your event from sellers. You can even designate a meeting place at the event for buyers and sellers to connect.

It’s all FREE. There’s no charge to you or your participants.

Here is how it works (3 easy steps!):

  1. Check out our online marketplace of paddle boards and see how cool it would be to have a list of boards that YOUR participants are interested in selling.
  2. Create a unique ‘tag’ for your event that will identify all paddle boards being sold by your community. Your participants will use this tag when they load ads.
  3. Share this ‘tag’ with your community and every time they load an ad their board will appear on your customized board list (and we’ll create a unique URL for you, like

With about 1 hour of time you can set up your event participants with a very easy and free way to buy and sell used boards before, at, or after your event. This is a huge new value add for your event that will help attract new participants and keep the regulars returning.SUP race event Santa Cruz

Contact us to learn more about how we can add more value to your paddle board event and grow participation.

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