Paddle board shipping is one of the biggest challenges to buying and selling SUP and prone boards. While no magic bullet has been invented for easily shipping paddle boards there are some very good and cost-effective options available today.

Paddle Board Packing

Retailers and manufacturers have the packaging down to a science and are a good model to follow if you’re going to pack up and ship a board. It can be time and labor intensive to properly bubble wrap a board, encase it in cardboard, and seal it up tight with packing tape but well worth the effort when the board you sell and ship arrives to the buyer unharmed. The best way to learn this process is to stop by your local retailer and ask if they have any packaged boards you can take a look at. Retailers may also be willing to share their tips and tricks with you if you ask nicely :).

Paddle Board Shipping

Once properly packaged, you have a variety of options for shipping your paddle board. Today, there are numerous crowd-sourced or private shipping companies that will bid on shipping your item. Typically you can get a bid and estimated time of arrival to your board’s destination within a couple days of posting your item to these sites. In general, the cost to ship a paddle board falls within a range of $125 – $200 depending on the service used.

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