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The New

THE NEW by Brian Szymanski

The NEW is most possibly the quickest 12′6″ SUP hull ever made. To be able to maintain reasonable stability the narrow hull has been dug out completely in the standing area so the feet are just at the water line, thus the stability and balance factor has been drastically increased. The aft section of the cockpit area has been dug out moderately to accommodate for the back foot to easily move backwards for snappy pivot turning, securing that the distance you have gained on the race course is maintained through the critical moments of turning the buoys. There are 2 drainage holes in each foot well to ensure rapid release of possible water gathering.

This board is a great option for someone who is looking to step into the SUP racing scene. The hull on this board is still talked about as one of the fastest hulls that Starboard has ever made!

NOTE: The board used for imaging is the only one that has been unboxed. We have multiples of these boards still brand new and in their original boxes.

Trident Performance Sports is the official North American distributor for Starboard Paddle Boards.

All boards are brand new and still in boxes unless stated otherwise.