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All Around, Stand Up Paddle Boards
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The 11’2”x 30” is a proven shape with excellent flat-water performance and great wave riding characteristics for its size. Ample nose flip makes it easier for the novice’s first time into waves, without taking away from its exceptional glide qualities. Outline and extra V between the feet gives the experienced long-boarder a looser more agile ride, while still being able to soul ride up on the nose, making it the perfect Blend. “Round nose to flat concave in the middle with V in the tail”

Check out the 11’2″X30″ Blend HERE

TIKI TECH 2-Piece adjustable paddle

  • A well-balanced all round blade design with a medium dihedral providing great stability and good power.
  • The Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and it is also great to lean on while wave riding.
  • A favourite blade for world SUP surf Sean Poynter who uses a round shaft combination.
  • High density PVC Core reduces resin uptake making the blade stronger and lighter than ever.
  • Carbon stringer continues all the way from the neck to the blade, enhancing the reflex characteristics and strength.
  • Full ABS rail and special scratch proof surface finish.
  • All size Tiki Tech blades sold separately in Red, Blue, Green, and Pink graphics with matching ABS Edge.

Trident Performance Sports is the official North American distributor for Starboard Paddle Boards. 

All boards are brand new and still in boxes unless stated otherwise.