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The Freeride is a hybrid concept, taking some of our race board development and applying it to an allrounder shape. It is designed to fit in the all-round (surf class) race category. Initially it appears like an all-round cruising board, but as soon as you start paddling it, you unleash the racing DNA. The board is extremely versatile and user friendly, a thrill on a downwind run or friendly race, but also ideal for cruising your favorite area with minimum effort. The wide nose section makes it extra stable. The nose rocker has been traded for a chamfered double concave nose, offering amazing water deflection. Now the icing on the cake: the Electric Blue version has become an amazing windsurfer, offering an unmatched experience. “Double-concave V at nose, merging to single concave mid-to-tail sections”

Trident Performance Sports is the official North American distributor for Starboard Paddle Boards. 

All boards are brand new and still in boxes unless stated otherwise.