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The 2014 Sprint is designed for the most demanding racer who needs a hull capable of accelerating in a heartbeat, achieving lightening sprinting performance and maintaining highly-efficient cruising speeds that sap minimum energy. Targeted at flat water, we nevertheless built good buoyancy into this board enabling riders with good balance to perform in chop or on a downwind run. Every aspect of this board has been highly engineered using hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, structural flex and ergonomic principles.

  • SLENDER HULL A slender hull is the key to performance, allowing you to paddle beyond hull speed.
  • LOW NOSE ROCKER A low nose rocker maximizes the waterline and provides minimal transversal area, which is subject to direct vector drag.
  • RAKED FOILED NOSE The foil shape creates a vertical lift when submerged, preventing nose diving and allowing the board to cut efficiently through the chop, reducing pitching motion.
  • SHARP EDGES ON FRONT DECK This characteristic helps delaminate water flow on the deck, minimizing wrapping in high momentum nose area.
  • SHARPENED TUCKED RAIL UNDER STANCE AREA The feature creates a better stability and control in the standing area and helps planing performance during the upstroke.
  • ROUND TAIL RAILS These minimize the resistance while trailed in the upstroke giving great semi-planing performance.
  • DOUBLE CONCAVE IN MID-SECTION Helps stability and transition from V in the nose to mono-concave at tail.
  • SINGLE CONCAVE IN TAIL AREA Helps in pushing the board forward on each downstroke, while propelling it forward and up on each upstroke.

Trident Performance Sports is the official North American distributor for Starboard Paddle Boards. 

All boards are brand new and still in boxes unless stated otherwise.