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Race, Stand Up Paddle Boards
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Carbon fiber

High performance race SUP, designed for advanced riders in choppy open ocean conditions.

For 2014 we have integrated a full-sized cockpit making the Ace an easy board to turn around buoys, just move your back foot back for the full pivot turn. With the flatter and wider recessed deck, it is also comfortable to walk further back for riding chop and small swell. The narrow 23.5” models are super-quick but quite challenging, whereas the 25” wide models provide ample stability for a confident rider. The 27” wide versions are for heavy riders or really bumpy conditions.

If you’re looking for a open ocean down-winding machine, this is the board for you! See for yourself! Beau O’Brian Downwinding

Trident Performance Sports is the official North American distributor for Starboard Paddle Boards. 

All boards are brand new and still in boxes unless stated otherwise.