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Creating a race board for the world’s fastest and most demanding race team in is a challenge. There is a legion of considerations when creating a versatile race board.

WHAT CREATED THE MAGIC IN THE 2014 ALL STAR? Lower rocker for more speed, bottom contours that create lift to enable a board to go to glide, a nose that pierces rough seas and surf but also lifts so you don’t steer from the bow.

WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF TOP-SPEED RACING? It’s a board that rounds a buoy fast and is quickest to go to glide, we call that “coming out of the hole. When you combine a sleek outline, complex concave bottom, independent rail and center rockers, round-to-tucked sharp rails and a volume distribution that creates a balance point, it allows the paddler to minimize displacement/disturbance and maximize their stroke. From that flawless balance point comes a board that allows you to paddle longer on one side, track through quartering wind to stay on the mark, run the bump, increase your stroke turn-over and hold top speeds with less effort.

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Brian Szymanski

Check out this video explaining the Sprint in more detail HERE 

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