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Sacramento , CA

Race, Touring
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Race 12'6
Carbon fiber
23.8 lbs
265 L
Deck pad, fins, leash

F-One is a high end brand from France. They make very high quality, high performance, and very nice looking sporting goods equipment. Their gear is used around the world in top competitions where riders often place at the very top. Check out their website at: http://www.f-onesup.com

Born from the Pro Model Ludovic DULOU, this board was designed to be a pleasure to paddle. The 12’6″ is the biggest race fleet in SUP racing, being represented all over the world and at events like the Battle of the Paddle in Hawaii and California. This is a board that can perform competitively in a long distance race, around a course and on flat water run. Ludovic DULOU knows what it takes to get a successful SUP race board: speed on a flat water, speed into the wind and chop, stable in cross shore conditions, surfable in the swell while heading downwind, the ability to round marks and surf. When designing the 12’6″ all these goals were obtained without losing the fun factor. Anyone can still take this board on the water and enjoy the gliding sensations of a 12’6″ race board. It will be a pleasure for amateurs that want to prioritize gliding and performance but still have the option to ride little waves, go for long distance cruises, go exploring the coast lines and lakes. This board has no limits.

– Bamboo deck, carbon rails
– used for touring and performance racing
– 12’6 x 29″
– 265 L
– 23.8 lbs
– MSRP $2,449.00, plus tax
– Sale: $1599 (price is firm, includes tax), 40% off retail
– Includes pads and fins
– Includes manufacturer warranty
– F-One Battle Hybrid 70% carbon 22x43cm adjustable length paddle available for $279 (plus 8% sales tax), MSRP is $359.

Sold by: JG Cycles and Watersports
Website: www.jgcyclesandwatersports.com
Location: Sacramento, CA