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santa barbara , CA

Downwind, Prone Paddle Boards
SIC Maui
Few dings
Bullet 17.4 W/ ASS DCC
Carbon fiber
brand new leash , brand new paddle +$200

2015 – Bullet 17.4 I used this board 3 times ! I do not have the time at all to use it, i rather know this board is in a good home rather than seating in my garage. 

Here the pitch: The Bullet 17 is the fastest open water on the planet bar none. It is THE must have board for any open-water elite racer who wants to strike the podium or takes their gliding seriously. 

This downwind missile has a narrower outline and more gradual rocker, which keeps you in the energy zone of the swell, maintains the highest average speed, and can maneuver quickly to catch bumps from any direction. Its Panel-V tail design keeps the nose elevated in the troughs and in the chop.  

SUP Board visible in Ventura -Santa Barbara  805 area