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Del Rey Oaks , CA

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Few dings
Custom carbon fiber
Carbon fiber
BARK Commander 14' New / Pro Elite
Custom tiller, fin, deck pad, bottle cage,

Made in 2011, this custom BARK UL is a stable racer and loves glassy conditions. It was $3100 brand new. It is best suited for a bigger/stronger paddler. (My weight fluctuates between 210-225 and it could probably handle a paddler up to 250 lbs. no problem.) I had Joe make it deliberately wide (20″) and with limited rocker, so it would be very stable and easy for me to learn to knee paddle. In all honesty, it is not the fastest board he ever made (Joe cautioned me) but it loves glassy conditions, the glide is tremendous and again, it is very STABLE. Now that I’ve got knee paddling worked out, I’m ready for a board with less volume and more rocker. 

It has been well taken care of… always stored in a custom bag*, racked on  the side of my house, under an awning and a weather proof tarp (no garage) when not in use. For a board that is 5+ years old, it is in very good condition. It is not perfect, but all dings have been carefully and professionally repaired. It is 100% water tight, no water damage, and the plug still “exhales” when opened. There were several repairs done to the carbon fiber a couple of years ago by the best CF guy in the area. They are visible, but smooth and clean. The pad is in pretty good shape, the tiller is perfect and tuned. Comes with double bottle cage mount and 2 cages. 

*Also! If you buy this board, you will get a FREE set of Mile 22 Fat Straps (tie downs), a $50 value. Fat Straps are the only tie downs you should trust to rack a board this size. Check them out here:

**Also! There is a custom board bag (used) available for this board, but it is not included. It can be purchased separately with the board for an additional $200. This bag was tailor-made for this board, has a 270 degree zipper, handles on both ends and zip-throughs for both the fin and bottle cage. It is not easy to find a bag like this, otherwise I’d include it. But I’ll probably just use it for my next board. You can see it (sort of) draped over the rack in the photo.