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23 pounds
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204 liters
Deck pad, Futures brand fin, Integrated "butterfly" handle, Automatic Vent


Other sizes, shapes. colors and styles available! 


A Bulletproof Stand Up Paddle Board?


Yes, that’s right! VESL Stand Up Paddle Boards are made with the most advanced designs and technology available anywhere!


We start with our proprietary COMPRESSION MOLDING technique, which fuses 18Kg EPS foam into the strongest Stand Up Paddle Board cores possible. We then pre-seal the cores, vacuum-bag layers of fiberglass and GENUINE wood around the core, and add a unidirectional Carbon-Fiber patch to the standing area for added strength.


To top it all off, we wrap the rails, nose and tail with Kevlar, a reinforcing agent often described as being “five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis” and with tensile strength so high that it’s actually used to make bulletproof vests.


Not only do these space-aged materials and superior construction techniques make VESL Stand Up Paddle Boards 25-30% stronger than before, but at only 23 pounds, they’re also the lightest boards on the market.


VESL Paddle Boards are designed and shaped by Paddle Boarders, for Paddle Boarders, where it all began: right here in Southern California. Not only are these high-performance MOLDED Stand Up Paddle Boards manufactured with top-quality materials, but they’re the best-looking boards on the beach, and they’re sure to take your SUP experience to the next level.


Now is your opportunity to get a BRAND NEW, high-quality VESL Stand Up Paddle Board for under $600! 


Each board includes:

  • Beautiful retro-surf styling and designs
  • Comfortable, water repellent EVA deck pads  
  • Ergonomically-designed “butterfly” carry handles
  • Universal Classic Stand Up Paddle/Surf fin Sets
  • Automatic SUP venting systems



·      Add a $200 VESL 100% Carbon-fiber adjustable paddle for only $99.

·      Add a custom fit board bag only $99…that’s a $179 value.


Open Weekends, by Appointment only.  


Call or text 949-322-8823 for an appointment, or if you have any questions.


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