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San Clemente , CA

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Dolsey Designs
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28 pounds
200 CL
Full deck pad front to rear, Q5 fin set up fins included, 8 deck gear tie down plugs, front camera mount, vent plug, carry handle and leash plug

The paddle fit and yoga TUNA is available in 10′, 10.6′ and 11′ lengths and in either Sea Blue, Seafoam, silver and orange colors pending availability so contact me first through the Dolsey website. The TUNA is a great entry level and intermediate paddler SUP. The TUNA is wide and stable and features a CNC cut EPS blank which is laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resins.  The concave deck and wider profile increase stability and make this board a great choice for yoga, fitness, surfing and recreation. The TUNA is equipped with a full 3-tone deck pad making it also great to put pets on the nose (always make sure they wear a life jacket). The TUNA’s standard features includes: a Q5 fin system layout with a center and 4 side fins for multiple tracking options, 8 deck gear tie down plugs, a front camera mount, carrying handle, vent plug, a leash plug.