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Stand Up Paddle Boards, Surfing
Like new
Carve Pro
Carbon fiber
15 Lbs
110 L
Added lightweight Creatures Deck pad, Hexatraction, ISD (Integrated Stability Deck)
Like new 2017 with extras

2017 Quatro 8’2 Carve Pro-Like new with extras. I have progressed to a smaller size so this is available at a great bargain for a 2017 model.  Check out their webpage (Quatro SUP) for further info on this board.

The Carve is a performance paddle board for aggressive riding. The fuller center outline and a more pulled in nose introduce a forgiving approach into the design, allowing to come out of risky maneuvers.
The ISD (Integrated Stability Deck) again provides a stable platform for ease of paddling and a comfortable ride, which in turn benefits strength and focus needed during moves on the wave. The bottom is a single to double concave through your
stance and can be characterized as grippy, smooth and fast. The nose rocker has a lower entry, flowing smoothly into the paddling area and continuing into a relatively aggressive tail rocker for those quick radical transitions to the lip. This board is for aggressive riding and will help you push your limits in the surf.

The new Carve comes without a front pad to save weight (I have added lighweight Creatures custom deck pad and HexaTraction, also has monster traction like spray built on). The board is lightened further by a new handle. All boards come with a raised tail kick for added grip when riding waves.

The Carve comes with a penta setup, five FCS fin boxes (lowest weight), allowing you to ride it as a thruster or quad. MFC Thruster fins included. Rare to find a SUP that can surf as a true thruster or quad (rather than 2+1). Multiple fin arrays allows board to be ultra flexible.