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Laguna Hills , CA

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Stand Up Paddle Sports
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Hammer Wardog Carbon
Carbon fiber
20 lbs
Extended deck pad, monster grip[ on nose, GoPro Mount
Hard to find used Hammer SUPsports

Carbon Hybrid Epoxy SUPsports Hammer Series Wardog Designs paddleboard

Lightest model, upgraded Bamboo resin fins, newer wrap around handle, GoPro Mount, extended traction pad, Monster Grip on Nose

Hybrid design, can be ridden like a short/long board off the tail with incredible manueverability and stability. Can even nose ride as well!

“The Magic Carpet Ride
No hype…simply an amazingly fun SUP board design…best all around SUP on the market! Best glide, stability, tracking, maneuverability, performance, and value per liter!!!

Designed in Santa Barbara for California waves
The Hammer SUP is the best all around SUP on the market. This innovative, game-changing board can be ridden 8″-12″ shorter and 1″-2″ narrower than most SUP’s. The unique design increases glide and stability. The copious amount of single and double concave on the bottom adds lots of lift to the nose area and tail area, reducing drag and creating the fastest, most maneuverable, “all waters” board that you will ever paddle, surf, or sail. . .as close to the “holy grail” of the “one design” SUP that exists to date. . .

No worries if you don’t surf it. . .it’s a really great paddling board. . .especially, considering the shorter length you can ride for the same glide. . .being more compact also greatly enhances the Hammer’s off-water mobility. . .

Impossible to find used
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