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Newport Beach , Cal .

All Around, Stand Up Paddle Boards
Few dings
Surf Core is the mfg .
approx 25 lbs .
28 3/4
4 3/4
no paddle

Dimensions: 10’6 long x 28 3/4 ” wide ” Surf Core “stand up paddle board epoxy surfboard for sale in great condition.Several very minor chips on nose and diamond tail, however no holes or dings.There is one minor gel coat crack by the FCS fin plug that can be repaired easy and inexpensively .You could even do a solar resin for a quickie so the board can be ridden immediately .

The colors of board transitions from red to yellow fade on rails and top and bottom .Great looking board .For the beginner to intermediate paddler / surfer . PADDLE NOT INCLUDED.Deck pad in great shape.Board has built in handle on deck for easy carrying.This SUP can be used in the surf, the bay or lakes… freshwater etc. Has Al Merrick Channel Island (3 )fins. A real must see board. The SUP board is approx 4 years old.The board is approx 4.75 ” thick ….28 3/34 ” wide.A real value considering good new boards start at about $ 1100 and up.

Thanks for your interest