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San Clemente , CA

All Around, Touring
Dolsey Designs
Never used
26 pounds
155 CL
Bamboo veneer, 8 deck gear tie down plugs, Q5 FCS fin system with fins, 2 vent plugs, leash plug, front and rear camera mounts, and colored carbon fiber rails,

A color carbon fiber rail has been added to the BamBam to make the polycarbonate gloss PCG….BamBam.

With real bamboo veneer and a polycarbonate gloss surface, this SUP is super beautiful, wide and stable and comes with a 1-year consumer warranty.  Available in either Seafoam, red, silver or blue carbon rail colors.  It is molded from an EPS blank and laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin.  The PCG……BAMBAM’s wide profile and concave deck also contribute to the stability of this SUP.

It is equipped with a high quality, 3-tone diamond traction deck pad, 8 deck gear tie down plugs, front and rear camera mounts, leash plug, 2 vent plugs and carrying handle.  Also equipped with a Q5 FCS fin system to allow to be ridden as thruster, quad, single fin or fiver for various tracking options or surfing needs.