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San Clemente , CA

All Around, Touring
Dolsey Designs
Never used
Polycarbonate and Kevlar Glider
Epoxy EPS
27 pounds
5" and 1/8"
220 CL
Full length deck pad, front and rear camera mounts, 1 plus 2 fin system with fins, 8 deck gear tie down plugs, Kevlar-reinforced rails, deep carrying handle, leash plug and 2 vent plugs

The Glider is constructed from an EPS blank covered with a molded polycarbonate shell, Kevlar reinforced rails and polycarbonate rail saver tape.  This board is light, wide, stable and super durable with its construction and 10.6′ x 33″ x 51/8″ size.

The Glider has more features than similar polycarbonate SUPs and comes with a 1-year commercial warranty.  For starters, the GLIDER has a full deck pad to allow pets or children to ride comfortably up front, 8 deck gear tie down plugs, 1 plus 2 fin system and other features missing from other comparable SUPs.