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Atlanta , GA

Few dings
Javelin AST
Carbon fiber
14’0” X 27 ¼” X 5 ¾”
Smaller NAISH or Yolo

I love this board! I upgraded from an intermediate board to this one. Problem is I am short and this board is way too long for me to manage. I am interested in trading this board for a smaller NAISH or Yolo, or will sell. 

Other details: The Glide 14’0” Javelin is part of the Glide series of SUP boards introduced by Naish in 2011. These boards are crafted for flatwater cruising and racing and offer top performance. They are the choice of many champs, like Karen Wrenn. The Naish Glide 14’0” Javelin is one of his favorite boards as he states: “The highest-performance pure flatwater board. Has been winning races worldwide, but still offers the ultimate smooth ride for the weekend warrior.” This board is designed to offer exceptional speed in flat water.

Piloted by an experienced rider, it can win any race. It features a low rocker and soft, rounded rails to provide high speed with less effort from the rider. With just a few strokes, the rider can easily reach an impressive speed, due to the exceptional glide abilities of this board. The narrow nose, combined with the special bottom design creates an efficient water line to provide increased speed and acceleration. The board is also very stable and keeps the rider comfortable on long courses.

The Naish Glide 14’0” Javelin is available in AST. The AST model is built using an EPS core plus glass layers and wood reinforcements in the stance area.