Posted at May 20, 2016

Weekly SUPdate — May 20, 2016

Paddle Boards for Kids 

13179177_599025426935478_5835020701475399720_nSUPconnect’s latest article “The Benefit of Stand Up Paddle Boarding for Kids” has a lot to say on the current phenomena of technology’s effect on kids today. Technology usage often leads to physical inactivity in children, a major concern in the obesity prevention community. But a solution is here to save the day: stand up paddling. Check out the rest of the article here.


(Photo credit: Onit Pro.)


Paddle Board Seller Spotlight13177820_10154139995232436_5066720126301287408_n

Shout out to our par
tners at Covewater Paddle Surf who provide SUP equipment/ accessories, an array of classes, and board rentals, all done with an emphasis on community. Their Santa Cruz shop is composed of staff that are passionate stand up paddling enthusiasts and focus on making their welcoming location a place where one can enter the SUP family at any experience level. As a major sponsor of several stand up paddle board events in Northern California, their love and drive for the sport is visible in the SUP community. Stop by their store today or learn more here.



Paddle Picture of the Week














14 mile Santa Cruz Downwind Ryders Cup 2016. Action shot at the starting line. #SUP #startingline #raceseason #standuppaddleboard


Paddle Video of the Week

Have you tried SUP Yoga yet? Watch Jodelle Fitzwater takes you through a great yoga program on a stand up paddle board.


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